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Treatment for children

Attachment focused therapy for children can come in many forms. Ms. Davis King focuses on three primary treatment methods for children: Child-centered Play Therapy, Sand-Tray Therapy, and Filial Therapy.

Child-centered Play Therapy

In Child-centered Play Therapy, which is appropriate for children ages 3-11, play therapy provides the opportunity for children to express themselves through their natural language, play, in a safe environment, where they can practice attachment, and build mastery over problems.

In this form of treatment, children are recognized and valued for where they are as they 'grow' the resources that are within them. Ms. Davis King works in a setting that is fully equipped for children to come to a safe place where they can 'play through their problems' towards new positive solutions.

Sand-Tray Therapy

Sand Tray therapy has been called "The silent workshop of the Psyche". In this treatment method, which is appropriate for children as young as 3, are invited to build a 'world' in the sand tray using a variety of miniatures and other objects as the therapist serves as a powerful and supportive witness and guide the deep work that expresses their world or story in the sand. This can be a particularly helpful form of treatment for clients who are hesitant to talk to the therapist, or who have difficulty opening up or expressing their feelings verbally.

Filial Therapy

Filial Therapy is a form of treatment which harnesses the immense power we know to be within the parent/child bond. Parents are trained to do child-centered play with the child by first observing the play therapist at work with their child, and are then guided by the therapist in using play as a method to connect with their child and to help them heal. This gives the parent a lifelong skill to use with their child, both to help resolve problems, and also to build on their relationship.

When to seek attachment focused therapy for children